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GHR Bidar 2017 Run T-shirt

In a departure from our usual tradition of incorporating local arts and craft into the run T-shirt design, we’ve sketched out the run route on the Bidar 2017 run T-shirt and illustrated just some of the heritage sites you’ll spot along the way – the Bidar Fort, the  Chaubara clocktower, the Ali Barid Tombs, Chaukhandi and Bidar’s Guru Nanak Jhira.

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GHR Hyderabad 2017 Run T-shirt

The design for the GHR Hyderabad 2017 run T shirt is simply inspired by the city’s modern cosmopolitan vibe with that of its rich cultural past. This is portrayed by a minimalistic arch design of the famous Qutb Shahi Tombs. The Islamic style pattern in the centre of the arch design is also derived from the interior walls of the Qutb Shahi Tombs.

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GHR Ooty 2017 Run T-shirt

The Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu happens to be one of India’s major tea producing regions and the tea grown here is known for its dark, aromatic fragrance. Incidentally, over 60% of the tea estate workers in the Nilgiris are women – and they served as inspiration for the Go Heritage Run – Ooty T-shirt design. The T-shirt illustration shows a woman hand plucking leaves in the lush green tea estates with the rolling Nilgiris in the background – a typical Ooty scene! Not-so-typical in that Ooty scene, but represented in the illustration anyway, is a set of intrepid heritage runners making their way across the hills. The T-shirt is a fluorescent green – matching the lustrous tea leaves shimmering in the morning sun.

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