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GHR Orchha 2017 Run T-shirt

Taking a run vacation at Go Heritage Run – Orchha this October? Read on to learn more about the Orchha 2017 run T-shirt.

A former capital of Bundela Rajput Kings,  Orchha in northern Madhya Pradesh is synonymous with its centuries old heritage sites  – palaces,  temples and especially its cenotaphs. Located on the banks of the river Betwa, the cenotaphs served as inspiration for the 2017 Orchha Run T-shirt.

Built as memorials to the Bundela kings and members of their clan, there are fifteen cenotaphs located on the southern bank of the river Betwa. Most of the cenotaphs are designed in Panchyatan style and are constructed on an elevated square platform. The sanctum sanctorum is also square shaped and in the center. The upper portion has been made angular with arches. The peak of the sanctum sanctorum is patterned in the Nagara style of temple architecture.  Today, these cenotaphs are home to endangered vultures – who are often found perched in nests in the upper reaches of the cenotaphs. You can read more about the cenotaphs and other monument at Orchha here.

Bundela Chattris/Cenotaphs, Orchha




Orchha 2017 Run T-shirt

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