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GHR Coorg 2017 Run T-shirt

Taking a monsoon run vacation at Go Heritage Run – Coorg this August? Read on to learn more about the Coorg 2017 run T-shirt.

The souvenir run T-shirt is inspired by the local Kodava community. An ethnically and culturally distinct people, for centuries, they’ve lived in Kodagu cultivating paddy fields, maintaining cattle herds and carrying arms during war. They have distinctive dresses – the men wearing wraparound robes called the Kupya and carry their ancestral war knives tucked away in their waistbands, and the women have a distinctive style of wearing the Saree. Kodava women wear a saree with the pleats at the back and the loose end pinned at the right  shoulder.  Buy yours when you sign up for Go Heritage Run – Coorg!


GHR Coorg 2017 Run T-shirt

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