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GHR Badami 2017 Run T-shirt

Taking a run vacation at Go Heritage Run – Badami this September? Read on to learn more about the Badami 2017 run T-shirt.

Like with our previous Badami souvenir t-shirts, the run T-shirt this time around is inspired by all things Badami.  The checkered motif on the T-shirt is a prominent pattern seen in Kasuti embroidery which is a traditional form of folk embroidery in Karnataka. And within each of these motifs you’ll spot iconic silhouettes that relate to Badami- the rock-cut cave temples, sandstone rock cliffs, Kasuti embroidery pattern and rock climbers. The history of Kasuti dates back to the Chalukya period and is also Geographical Indications (GI) protected. The women courtiers in the Mysore Kingdom in the 17th century were expected to be adept in 64 arts, with Kasuti being one of them. Read more about Kasuti here – link.

badami 2017 run t-shirt

Buy your souvenir T-shirt when you sign up for Go Heritage Run – Badami!

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