Climbing and Rappelling in Badami

Badami is well-known for its rock-cut cave temples that dating back to the 6th century. But did you know it also has a vibrant rock climbing scene – attracting enthusiasts from around the world?  Climbing Badami rocks should get on your to-do list and we’re here to help! As with most of our runs where we plan something extra around run weekend, we have teamed up with Ganesh – a local climbing pro – to arrange rappelling and rock-climbing sessions on Sunday, the 3rd of September  – right after Go Heritage Run – Badami. You can opt to sign up for the Climbing/Rappelling package when you sign up for Go Heritage Run – Badami. The climbing and rappelling will be conveniently scheduled so even those using the Travel and Accommodation Package can participate.

What: Climbing or Rappelling in Badami with Ganesh

Where: Within walking distance of the Badami Caves.

When:  Sunday, 3rd of September (Slots in the late morning and early afternoon)

climbing badami ganesh climbing badami  badami rappelling

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