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GHR Pench 2018 Run T-shirt

ghr pench 2018 run t-shirt

Running in Pench this April? Read on to learn more about the GHR Pench 2018 Run T-shirt.

One of the first things you will realise when you arrive at Pench is its link to Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. All the entrances to the core zone of the Pench Tiger Reserve have signage welcoming you to “Mowgli’s Land”. The souvenir stores at the Park and the many hotels in the area are replete with Mowgli and Jungle Book themed merchandise.  Even the hotels have names  inspired by the book – Kipling’s Court, Mowgli’s Den, Wolves Den Resort.

And therefore, so is the GHR Pench 2018 Run T-shirt. Baloo the bear and Mowgli are front and center in a thicket, but look closer and you will spot Kaa the snake slithering overhead. Look even closer and you will spot the famous tiger Shere Khan too! The T-shirt is a fluorescent green reminiscent of the months of the year when the park is closed for the monsoons, the Pench National Park is a lush green and the animals have the reserve all to themselves!

And here’s the best part – all GHR Pench participants will be getting this souvenir run T-shirt when you sign up to run through “Mowgli’s Land” this April!




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