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Temples, monuments, ruins and a lot of fun.
02 / 02 / 2020
5km, 12km, 21km
Registrations are now closed online, there may be a few registrations available at Kit distribution on 01/02 on first come first served bases.


GHR Hampi - Run Information

Date: Sunday Feb 2, 2020
Venue: Monolithic Nandi, Hampi
21K Flagoff: 06.30AM
12K Flagoff: 06.45AM
5K Flagoff: 07.00AM

Bib Distribution

Date: Saturday Feb 1, 2020
Venue: Hotel Priyadarshini Lawn, Station Road, Hospet - link
Timings: 10.00 AM - 7.00 PM
A few last minute regsitrations may be available on 01 Feb - no new registrations will be taken on run day.


There are hotels, homestays and guest houses in and around Hampi and Hospet (12 kms away) to suit all budgets. Book with us - here, see more suggestions here.

Reaching the Start Venue

If you are staying in Hospet or on the south side of the river in Hampi, engaging an auto rickshaw the previous day is suggested. If you are staying on the north side of the river, please check with your guesthouse for the best transport method. You can cross the river from Anegundi bridge - please account for longer travel time. Boats are available during the day but they are legally required to start only after daylight.


Air: Fly into Hampi via Hyderabad,Bangalore. Trujet operates daily flights to Bellary (36 kms from Hampi).

Rail: Daily trains operate between Hospet and Bangalore and Hyderabad. Check here for train routes from other destinations.

Road: Hampi is within driving distance of both Bangalore and Hyderabad. The roads are great but drive safe!

Go Heritage Run Hampi 2020 Run Routes

GHR Hampi 2020 Run Routes

With a fantastic sight every mile, it is no surprise that GHR Hampi has been listed as one of the most scenic marathons in India by not one but five different magazines! Read about the routes to know why.

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Hampi 2020 Finisher Medal

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Hampi 2020 Souvenir T-shirt


Hampi: Travel and Hotels

Most accommodation in the Hampi World Heritage Site area is suited for backpackers. There are numerous shacks, guesthouses and resorts on both sides of the river Tungabhadra.


Hampi is a temple town in North Karnataka, India renowned for its UNESCO World Heritage Site listed Group of Monuments. It was once one of the largest, most prosperous cities of the world and is located within the ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire. Go Heritage Runs returns to Hampi for the 4th consecutive year and we’ve uncovered many underappreciated facets of this town – read about them and much more below.

Make the most of your Hampi Run-Vacation

Taking a vacation in Hampi? Here are our recommended itineraries on how to make the most of your time in and around Hampi, Badami and Pattadakal - also a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Myths and Legends of Hampi

According to the local folklore and Hindu mythology, various mythical events are often associated with the city of Hampi. In fact an entire episode of the Ramayana is supposed to have occurred here...

Hampi Drawing

Hampi – On an artist’s canvas

Hampi is not just a paradise for photographers, but it has served as a muse for several artists. The ruins and the landscapes offer a great opportunity for artists to create live sketches at this World Heritage Site. One such illustrator is Jayesh Sivan...


9 Must-Visit Sites in Hampi

You can explore Hampi for days! But even if you have just a weekend, here is a list of 9 sites that will give you insights into the art & architecture of the Vijayanagara Empire.


5 Activities to do in Hampi

After you are done with the must-visit sites in Hampi, maybe take time to indulge in a few local activities and explore a few offbeat sites?


6 Things to Buy in Hampi

Shopping for souvenirs in Hampi? Here are suggestions for some beautiful, local items that will remind you of Hampi.


The best part of Go Heritage Runs is that we are a series. Which means that the destinations change, but some things will always stay same – scenic, historic routes, a great family friendly experience and a fun run-vacation. Keep in touch with us and take a run-vacation with us this year!

go heritage run calendar

GHR Calendar

With runs across India, Go Heritage Runs are the best travel plan for you! See the runs planned and announced on our calendar.


Share heritage run routes

Know of run routes in your town or city that traverse heritage sites? Share them with us and the heritage running community!

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Get your own GHR Passport and a stamp every time you come to our run-vacations! It's a fun way - for kids and adults alike - to track the fun times you have with us!