Six Things You Must Buy in Hampi

Shopping is an integral part of most travel experiences. By shopping we do not refer to the extensive hoarding of bags from a mall, instead we are referring to little takeaway trinkets that remind you of the wonderful place you visited. So, here is a list of what you get exclusively at Hampi and where to get them from.

1. Stone Artefacts

Stone Artefacts in Hampi
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Handcrafted stone artefacts which are either figurines of gods or replicas of the Hampi ruins are quite a common sight. Though slightly heavy (because of the stone!), these are small in size and not very expensive either. The oil lamps, and figures of Nandi, Ganesh and Shiva Linga are quite popular.

Where do you get them? Mostly you will find these on push carts close to some famous ruins. There are stalls and carts also in the main bazaar.

2. Lambani Crafts

Lambani Crafts at Hampi
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Lambani Crafts Hampi
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Several Lambani women make bags, jewelery, trinkets, belts and patches in several corners in Hampi. You can never miss their wares since the fabric is brightly coloured and infused with metal bells, mirrors and antique-coin lookalikes. They are hand-embriodered with brightly coloured threads and patched together.

If you think the bags or patches are a little too much, we have just the product pick for you – pick up the multi-coloured belt with mirrors stitched in. They go so well with any kind of clothing including a pair of denims. You might also find some white metal jewellery as part of their collection.

Apart from these little pieces of work, you can also buy embroidered quilts, cushion covers and wall panels at the Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra, which specifically works with artisans from the Lambani community to offer them better compensation and livelihood. This is an artisan-driven group.

Where do you get them? Several women have the stuff lined up in street corners or on carts alongside the roads. There are stores outside Virupaksha Temple as well.

Sandur Kushala Kendra is situated in Sandur which is about an hour’s drive from Hampi. Here, you can meet the artisans and pick up the stuff you want. The Hoova Craft Shop and Cafe also stocks a few trinkets.

3. Leather Crafts

Leather Crafts at Hampi
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You get leather bags, leather puppets, leather footwear and other leather accessories at Hampi. Most of this stuff is handmade and just the right size for a traveler to pack into their bags!

Where do you get them? Along the bazaar near Virupaksha Temple and at the Hippie island too!

4. Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments at Hampi
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There are a myriad of wind and string instruments you will definitely find in Hampi. From the djembe, to a flute to versions of the ektara, you will find several simple instruments crafted to perfection. Music from such pipes are drums are a huge attraction during the annual Hampi Utsav.

Where do you get them? There is one store right next to the Virupaksha Temple. It is definitely hard to miss!

5. Banana Fiber Crafts

Cute, little banana fiber bags
Cute, little banana fiber bags

As mentioned in one of our previous posts, Hampi is also known for banana fiber crafts. Banana is a popular crop of this region, and the fiber extracted from the plant could be made into amazing handicrafts. They include pen stands, bags, baskets and cushion covers.

Where do you get them? The Kishkinta Trust which works with the local community to empower them and promote sustainable tourism in Hampi, have also launched a series of projects with local women to encourage banana fiber crafts. Their shop is located just behind the Virupaksha Temple.

6. Inexpensive Clothes!

Shopping at Hampi
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This is yet another backpacker’s paradise where you will get simple and cheap kurtas, skirts, blouses and pants. These are ideal as a travel clothes, but some of us have definitely carried them back home for use during the summer!

Where do you get them? Almost anywhere you find a place to stay, there will be colourful stores with lines of clothes.

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Now plan your travel itinerary to Hampi, where to stay, and what to see in Hampi once  you get there.

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