A Passport to Fun

How do you keep track of your heritage journey? With this cool little passport to fun of course!

The GHR Passport is yet another way to Make Heritage Fun! Go Heritage Runners get this passport as part of their run kit to help track their GHR journey. You only need one passport – until it gets filled. Runners also get a unique stamp at each run to stick on this passport.

A runner who finishes 4 runs gets the 5th run free!

Go Heritage Run Passport
Open the passport
Go Heritage Run Passport
Put in your details
Go Heritage Run Passport
Get your allegiance approved!

Check the cool run stamps too.

GHR Hampi Passport Stamp
GHR Warangal Passport Stamp
Ooty Passport Stamp
Badami passport stamp
Udaipur passport stamp
Bidar passport stamp
GHR warangal 2016 passport sticker
Warangal 2016
GHR hampi 2016 passport sticker
Hampi 2016

9 thoughts on “A Passport to Fun

  • dhanraj garg

    Bhilwara bhi bhag le skate h Kay

    • Ajay

      Dhanraj ji, ji haan – entry sabhi ke liye open hai.

    • Hi Santhosh,
      Please register as usual – but leave the payment part. We will confirm your registration.

  • How do I get this passport? Looks like a cool collectible..

    • Go Heritage Run

      Come join us at one of our runs – all GHR participants get the passport! :)

  • Sachin Rastogi

    I have registered for Hyderabad Heritage Run but I forget to buy the t-shirt. Can I buy it now ?

  • Sandeep Singh

    HI. Do we get timer chips as well ?

    • Go Heritage Run

      Dear Sandeep,
      Go Heritage Run – Hyderabad and all Go Heritage Runs are untimed, fun runs. The goal of our runs is to encourage participants to explore iconic heritage sites – without the pressure of time. This is why we do not provide a time-tracking chip.


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