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Most accommodation in the Hampi world heritage area is suited for backpackers. There are numerous shacks, guesthouses and resorts on the other side of the river (colloquially known as hippie island/little Goa; local name – Gadde, Virupapuragadde) Tungabhadra. If you are planning to book your stay in these area, please read the note at the bottom of this article. Please note that all guesthouses on the Temple side have now been closed.

Booking with OTAs/travel aggregators – This is a general note, we have been told by runners in the past that some hotels do not honor OTAs and aggregator websites (like booking.com) and have been left high and dry at the last minute. If booking online, please make sure to speak with the hotel directly as well and confirm your booking to avoid a nasty surprise.


(INR 5000/night and above)

Mid Range

(INR 2000/night and above)


(< INR 2000/night and above)

  • Several guesthouses on both sides of the river. Shanti and Mowgli guesthouses are the more popular ones.
  • Please note that most illegal guesthouses have stopped commercial activities (as of December 17 2017). We cannot assure which ones are legal – booking is at your own risk.

Travel – Getting to Hampi

Hospet is the nearest town to Hampi. It is nearly 13km away from Hampi and is well connected via train and bus routes. The nearest airport is at a town called Bellary. Hampi is very well connected to Bangalore and Hyderabad – it is equidistant to both cities and is about 370km away by road.

Fastest transport from Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi – Trujet, a new airline has launched daily flights from Hyderabad to Bellary (JSW Vidyanagar Campus). Hyatt Place is in the same campus and this campus is about 35km from Hospet, 37km from Hampi. From Bangalore, drive time will be similar to the time spent to airport, check-in and collecting baggage. However, if you are coming from any other city, this flight option is the fastest.


AirTrujet operates a daily direct flight from Bangalore to Vijayanagar airport (35km from Hampi).

Train – There are five trains from leaving from Bangalore to Hospet everyday. There are a few more tri-weekly trains as well. Check here – link.

Bus – Several overnight bus options including KSRTC Airavat to Hospet. Please see bus options at Redbus.

Car/self drive – If you are traveling with your family or a bunch of friends, you can consider driving down to Hampi directly. The roads are great, but drive safe! Directions – link.


Air – Trujetoperates a daily direct flight from Hyderabad to Vijayanagar airport (35km from Hampi).

Train – There are three trains from leaving from Hyderabad to Hospet everyday. There are a few more tri-weekly as well as bi-weekly trains. Check here – link.

Bus – Please see bus options at Redbus.

Car/self drive – Driving directions – link.


Train – Please check options here – link.

Bus – Please see bus options at Redbus.

Car/self drive – Driving directions – link.


Train – Please check options here – link.

Bus – Please see bus options at Redbus.

Car/self drive – Driving directions – link.

For Go Heritage Run – Hampi participants:

Please note that the run starts from the south side of the river (same side as Virupaksha temple) and crossing the river (if you are staying on the north side) will be difficult – by Police order the boats are supposed to start only after daylight. Before booking your accommodation, please confirm the location with your hotel/guesthouse/resort. You can drive and cross the river via a recently built bridge near Anegundi, but that will take longer. Please plan accordingly.

Car pool – In case you would like to drive, it might be a good idea to car pool with other runners from your city. We have created whatsapp groups for different cities so that runners from there can coordinate travel and other arrangements. The links to join these whatsapp groups are in the registration confirmation email – just click and connect with fellow runners.

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We organize an annual Go Heritage Run in Hampi – check our calendar to know the schedule for the next GHR – Hampi. Also subscribe to our newsletter to get this information right to your inbox.

2 thoughts on “Hampi – Hotels and Travel

  • January 23, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    I would like to take 4 days trip to Hampi from Bangalore. by a taxi 4 persons. Can you arrange hotel and transport from Bangalore. The tentative date ir ariound 14th feb.

    • Go Heritage Run
      January 24, 2017 at 10:21 am

      Dear Ashok,
      We do not organize trips to Hampi but an annual run, do see here – goheritagerun.com/hampi.
      However, our partner Explore Hampi can help you better with your travel – http://explorehampi.com


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