10 Breathtaking Pictures of the Sunset at Hampi

Like we told you earlier, watching the sunrise or the sunset at Hampi is a beautiful experience. Watching the sun go down between boulders into the river is a fulfilling sight for any traveler. We will let the proofs speak for themselves.

1. This picture captures the moment of a lone monkey at dusk. It epitomizes Hampi in a way very few pictures do. While Hampi is always captured on the lens with a view of the ruins, rocks or the river, very few pictures focus on this species which treat Hampi as home. So, this one is for the Rhesus macaque!

Sunset at Hampi - Hemakunta Hill
Image Courtesy – www.theguardian.com

2. This picture gets the huge sun going right into the Gopuram of the Virupaksha Temple. While the sun and the sky are clearly visible in a myriad of colours, the temple gradually fades into a silhouette.

Sunset at Virupaksha Temple Hampi
Image Courtesy: http://theroadtonirvana.com/

3. Vibha Ravi gets this beautiful picture of the sun setting into a boulder – a staple in the Hampi landscape.

Sunset at a Boulder, Hampi
Image Courtesy: http://pixelvoyages.wordpress.com/

4. This picture literally captures a moment- not just of the sun, but of three people watching the sun as well. The ruins add to a complete composition.

Sunset at Hampi
Image Courtesy: http://www.exposureeffects.com/

5. A trip to Hampi is never complete without witnessing and experiencing its rich rural landscape. This is what it looks like at dusk.

Sunset at a farm, Hampi
Image Courtesy: http://www.neverendingvoyage.com/

6. Lovell D’ Souza gets a beautiful picture of the sun going down into the rocks, with the colours of the sky reflecting in the Tungabadra river. The fact that the contours of the sun can appear so well defined makes the picture more exciting.

Sunset at Tungabadra River Hampi
Image Courtesy: http://click.lovelldsouza.com/

7. This lone tree on the Anjaneya Hill is a favourite for many photographers. This picture does it enough justice, by allowing the sun to draw its outline and by drawing attention to its size with a person next to it.

Sunset at Hampi with PErson
Image Courtesy: https://fromtigerstotombs.wordpress.com

8. Yet another click of the tree at Anjaneya Hill along with a few travelers watching the sun.

Sunset at Anjaneya Hill Hampi
Image Courtesy: http://aminearlythereyet.com/

9. Though this image does not carry the outline of the sun, it still lends a lot of character to the boulders of Hampi. The colours of dusk look mesmerizing on the rocks.

Sunset at the rocks Hampi
Image Courtesy: http://www.panoramio.com/

10. This out of focus sunset from Bangalore Ascenders gets a long shot of the sunset with a blurred silhouette of one of the ruins. The grass offers an interesting viewpoint.

Sunset at Hampi
Image Courtesy: https://www.flickr.com

However, do remember that while the pictures might be brilliant, the real deal and the naked eye is better than any lens! When are you going to watch the sunset at Hampi?

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