Landscapes in Hampi

Hampi has always been associated with ruins. Being a World Heritage Site, most travelers are busy trying to understand the history and the massive Vijayanagara empire. However, when you go to Hampi you realize that this town has more to offer than ruins. It is a mix of heritage and natural scenery. The Tungabadra river merging into blue skies and green fields a little away from the main town makes for a great green vacation.

Neelima Vallangi spent two days in Hampi staring at the river/clouds/rocks/mountains (in her own words) and decided to capture the landscape here. Here are some pictures.

Sunset over Tungabadra Hampi
Sunset over Tungabadra River
Clouds and Boulders at Hampi
Clouds and Boulders
Fields in Hampi
River Crossing at Hampi
River Crossing
Tungabadra River Hampi
Tungabadra River
Landscape of some ruins Hampi
Landscape of some ruins

You can find more pictures here. Have you clicked any interesting pictures of the Hampi landscape? If you have, do share the link in the comments section and we will share it on our blog.

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