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Hampi: A Fashionable Affair

Who said travel is all about wearing comfortable clothes and getting a tan? There are some travelers, like the ones at Whappening India, who like dressing up in stilettos, beady necklaces and stylish attire while on the road.

But this is not just any ordinary party, instead, Whappening India is a journey of four creative minds namely Helen Stimson, Trupal Pandya, Zia Sen and Akansha Sonthalia, who commenced on a collaborative project charting territories across India in search of self-discovery and individual inspiration.

In a short span of time, the quartet traversed through Vadodara, Rann of Kutch, Kalo Dungar, Mandvi, Goa, Bangalore, Anegundi and Hampi (our favourite heritage site in the world). Here’s a glimpse of Hampi through their compelling and stunningly beautiful collaborative project:


Whapppening India Hampi 13

Whappening India Hampi two

Whappening India Hampi 11

Whappening India Hampi one

Whappening India Hampi 10

Whappening Hampi India 15

Whatsappening India Hampi fourteen

Whappening India Hampi 7

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