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GHR Hampi 2017 Run T-shirt

It’s sunshine yellow, is inspired by retro pop art and is arguably the best Hampi souvenir you can wear!

For Go Heritage Run – Hampi’s T-shirt we decided to truly make heritage fun by comic-ifying Hampi’s landmarks, using primary colors with the style of comic book imagery from the ’50s. We were specifically inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s tongue-in-cheek art and use of Ben-Day dots. Representing Hampi’s hundred-year old and thousand-year old landmarks  using a relatively recent artform, we think, is a unique lens through which to appreciate Hampi’s architectural wonders. Look closer and you’ll spot runners making their way through Hampi – just as you will when you run in Hampi later this month.

GHR Hampi T-shirt

The stone chariot is on every tourist’s must see list – it’s one of three such chariots across India and was built by King Krishnadevaraya, one of the greatest rulers of the Vijayanagara Empire over 500 years ago. The Ugra Narsimha – the largest statue in Hampi – is  an animated yet terrifying representation of Narsimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnnu. Designed in the shape of a lotus bud, the Lotus Mahal in Hampi is another of Hampi’s architectural wonders and is imagined to be a palace where the Vijayanagara royals socialized. The Virupaksha Temple, built as a shrine to Lord Shiva is over 1300 years old and is one of India’s oldest functioning temples.

You’ll spot all these landmarks on your Go Heritage Run – Hampi T-shirt – book yours when you register for Go Heritage Run – Hampi or at our online store in case you’ve already signed up.

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