Go Heritage Run t-shirts are not just good just for the run day, they are timeless souvenirs for the destination inspired by traditional arts and crafts!
All our run t-shirts are quick-dry honeycomb weave technical materials – the same fabric we use at all Go Heritage Run events.

These are great not just to run in, but also to use when traveling!

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A t-shirt design inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s tongue-in-cheek art and use of Ben-Day dots and representing Bangalore’s heritage, is a unique lens through which to appreciate Bangalore’s architectural wonders.


Badami has 6th century cave temples, sandstone cliffs, and the famous Kasuti embroidery of the region. Our Badami souvenir run t-shirts are inspired by all of the above.


The Bidar run T-shirts are illustrated with many of this town’s heritage sites – the Bidar Fort, the Chaubara clocktower, the Ali Barid Tombs, Chaukhandi, Gurudwara Nanak Jhira and Bidri art.

GHR Bidar 2017 Run T-shirt

Bidar Sights Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00


Bidar Bidri Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00



The Coorg run T-shirts incorporate elements of coffee bean, the local Kodava community – an ethnically and culturally distinct people and the landmarks from the region.



Delhi Sights Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00


The Gwalior run t-shirt illustrations are influenced by Tansen, the Jain tirthankara rock-cut statues, the zero symbol and its sandstone monuments.

ghr gwalior tshirt

Gwalior Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00


The illustrations on the orange souvenir run T-shirt are inspired by the extensive relief work on the temple walls – its decorative sculptures and friezes featuring intricately carved elephants, horses, lions, floral scrolls and depictions from Hindu epics.

Halebidu Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00


The Hampi run t-shirts are inspired by the rocky landscapes, wandering monkeys, scenic sunsets and of course, the temples and ruins of the Hampi region.


The design for the GHR Hyderabad run T shirts are inspired by the city’s modern cosmopolitan vibe with that of its rich cultural past. This is portrayed by a minimalistic arch design of the famous Qutb Shahi Tombs.

What do a 400 year old historic landmark, the world’s tallest monolith of Buddha, a spicy mixed rice dish famous across the country, a sweet, salty snack named after Hyderabad’s last ruler have in common? They’re all featured on the GHR Hyderabad Icons T-shirt.


The Khajuraho souvenir t-shirt is more than just a technical tee – it’s a heavily illustrated work of art you can wear!

Khajuraho 2019 Run T-shirt

Khajuraho Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00


The Go Heritage Run Mandu  run t-shirts are more than just a technical tee – they are heavily illustrated works of art you can wear! 

Mandu 2019 Run T-shirt

Mandu Icons Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00

GHR Mandu 2019 Tshirt

Mandu Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00



Mumbai Sights Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00


The Ooty souvenir T-shirt incorporates eucalyptus trees, the rolling blue hills (they’re called Nilgiris for a reason!), and of course the 100-year old UNESCO-designated Nilgiri Mountain Railway. 

GHR Ooty 2018 Run T-shirt

Ooty Train Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00

Ooty Icons Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00


Ooty Train Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00


The Orchha run t-shirt is inspired by Sunrise at Orchha, the gigantic cenotaphs, the omnipresent vultures and runners taking it all in.

Go Heritage Run Orchha 2019 tshirt

Orchha Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00


Illustrated on the Pachmarhi run t-shirt is a stylised Gond-themed sunset looking over the Satpuras many residents – the Nilgai, Chinkara, Wild Boar and bison.

Pachmarhi 2019 Run T-shirt

Pachmarhi Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00


The Pench Run T-shirts are inspired by The Jungle Book characters and the Gond style – a form of tribal and folk art practiced by the Gond people.


The Pench Run T-shirts are inspired by The Jungle Book characters and the Gond style – a form of tribal and folk art practiced by the Gond people.


Pune Sights Run T-shirt

₹897.00 ₹799.00


Illustrated on the Warangal run t-shirts are the Toranam seen at the Fort and runners stylized in Cheriyal painting style.