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Lambani Souvenir – GHR Hampi 2017 Finisher Medal

At Go Heritage Runs, we like to weave in local arts and crafts into the running experience. For GHR Hampi, the finisher medal has been handcrafted by Lambani women from the Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra, an NGO near Hampi that works towards the revival of indigenous crafts, ensuring a better life for the people who made them, finding new markets and making the crafts more relevant to modern tastes.

The Lambanis arrived in the Deccan in the 14th Century – and their origins are said to trace back to Aryan gypsy tribes who made their way across Central Asia and Afghanistan, before finally reaching India.  Today, they are easily recognisable in their distinctive, exquisitely handworked clothing and dazzling jewellery. And this aesthetic is reflected in their handicraft as well.   The medal – as shown in the image below – is an embroidered mirror with tassels strung on a handmade colorful “dori”.  So you don’t just get the satisfaction of running at a heritage site, but also take home a heritage souvenir and the satisfaction of having helped an art that needs support.

Hampi finisher medal

All participants at the 5K, 12K and 21K runs in Hampi on Run Weekend will get one of these lovely souvenirs – we hope this will tempt you to explore Hampi’s heritage with us on the 29th!

Source: Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra literature

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