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Nearby Sights to see in and around Pench

There are various places to see and explore around Pench, some of which are listed below:

1.  Pench National Park

Pench National Park is located in central Madhya Pradesh wherein the Pench River flows through the Park dividing it into equal western and eastern halves with good forest cover throughout. This National park is home to various wildlife and birdlife like Chital, Tiger, Indian Leopard, common kingfisher, Indian Roller, racket-tailed drone etc. For the Safaris, there are several gates in Pench, viz; Turia, Karmajhiri, Jamtara and the buffer gates at Ruhad and the Night Safari Gate. The Turia Gate, from the Madhya Pradesh side is one of the best for getting lucky to spot any wildlife. 

Attractions within Pench National Park: 

A). SITAGHAT: This point is close to the Pench River adorned with rocks and artistic looking trees. During the Summer season, white flowers and bushes lope along the river bank which can be witnessed in the early mornings. This is also a good place for spotting wildlife sightings. 

B). ALIKATTA: This is another fascinating point with grassland areas, where animals are also observed here. The evenings are an excellent view of herds of deer grazing in these grasslands. 

C). CHHINDIMATTA ROAD: This place mainly consists of rocky hills, and is considered as a point of interest. The rocky places make tremendous spots for Leopards, also many birds like Eagles, Hawks, Buzzards etc are observed looming over their nests.

D). BODHANALA RANGE:  This point is a must visit as it starts from a rugged hill leading to a bamboo forest to a huge pond close to the border of the park. 

Pench National Park
Pench National Park, Photo Courtesy:

2. Pench Dam & Reservoir

Pench Dam also known as ‘Kamthikhairy Dam’ is a dam built on the River Pench near Parshivni, Maharashtra. This dam was constructed for the purpose of irrigation and water supply to Nagpur and Bhadara, two districts of Maharashtra.  The dam site is located in the Western Pench National Park Range and is surrounded by forested hills. 

Pench Dam
Pench Dam, Photo Courtesy:

3. Totladoh Dam and Reservoir

Totladoh Dam is a gravity dam built on Pench River in Nagpur, Maharashtra. A hydroelectric plant called Pench Hydro power station is located at the foot of the dam. The Totladoh dam has a huge reservoir and is surrounded by forests which provides a good scenic beauty.  


4. Kohka Lake

A visit to Kohka Lake is one of the places to surely visit for its breathtaking beauty. The road to the lake is via Turia village which is one less travelled and is a peaceful drive to the Lake. The road leading to the lake has green farm fields on both sides, and leads to a beautiful crystal clear water body of the Kohka Lake. 


Kohka Lake
Kohka Lake, Photo Courtesy:


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