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Runcation the World with Go Heritage Runs!

Scenic, historic destinations. Fun runs. Cultural experiences. Family vacations.

Enjoyable for first timers and experienced runners alike.


October 2022

Beach runs, Temple visits, yoga sessions, learn how the world’s most expensive coffee is made!




To be announced.

Beach and riverfront runs, cycling in the countryside and local experiences.


Run, cycle, yoga and trek in and around historic Kathmandu. Chase stunning sunrises and sunsets with the majestic Mt. Everest in background.

Prague & Vienna

To be announced.

Stunning city runs, cycling explorations and palace visits.


To be announced.

Run to the lowest point on land in the world, take a mud bath in the Dead Sea, walk to Petra.


To be announced.

Run along the biggest temple complex in the world, hike up to the 1000 Lingas, visit a floating village.

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“Heritage, Fun, fitness, food, wobbling and partying”

Heritage, Fun, fitness, food, wobbling and partying what else do we need on a vacation?
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Revathi P

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