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GHR Hampi 2016 T-shirt

With a little over a week to go until Go Heritage Run – Hampi, we thought now would be a great time to reveal our run collateral designs. As regular runners know and have come to expect, our designs follow a similar theme and always incorporate unique elements from the location of the run – to ensure runners take home some lovely souvenirs conveying the essence of the town they ran in.

The elements that influenced our run designs were the wandering monkeys that Hampi is so famous for, as well as the local embroidery artform by the Lambani women – an “amalgam of pattern darning, mirror work, cross stitch, and overlaid and quilting stitches with borders of Kangura patchwork appliqué, done on loosely woven dark blue or red handloom base fabric.” All our run collateral – from our posters, run logos, maps, run bibs, and of course the T-shirt have these elements set against a Red-Brown-Orange color palette. The T-shirt too features a monkey print in the Lambani embroidery style and is quite a sight to behold!

You can now purchase this Hampi run t-shirt (quick-dry, so you stay cool!) at our store – link.

GHR Hampi Tshirt



Sources: www.hampionline.in/city-guide/art-and-crafts-in-hampi

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