Go Heritage Run Hampi – Extras on Run Weekend

There is a lot happening in Hampi on the Run Weekend – some are local events organized by us and others by our partner organizations. Either way, we encourage you to review these extras on run weekend as you plan out your time in Hampi.


WHAT: A talk on the archaeological and excavation work being undertaken by the Archaeological Survey of India in Hampi by Mr. N C Prakash, Superintending Archaeologist, ASI, Hampi Mini Circle. If there is enough interest, Mr. N.C. Prakash may even lead you on a tour of the excavation work at the nearby Virupaksha Temple on Sunday – you will need to ask nicely though :).
WHERE: Hampi Bazaar – near Monolithic Nandi
WHEN: Saturday 23rd January 2016 – 5PM.


WHAT: A series of 4 curated tours across Hampi conducted by Explore Hampi. Each day is a different tour so attendees will see Hampi from a different perspective each day. Tours include the Classical Heritage Tour, Riverside Trail, Tales from Ramayana, and Village Life and Cultural Tour.
WHERE: Across Hampi
WHEN: 23 Jan – 10AM, 24 Jan – 10AM, 25 Jan, 8AM, 26 Jan – 930 AM
More information available here.


WHAT: A Heritage Treasure Hunt! Both run participants and their families are welcome to participate
WHERE: At the Start Point and along the run route
WHEN: Sunday 24th January 2016 – 7AM onwards
We always encourage Go Heritage Run participants to actively explore the heritage sites en route. This time, we’re making that easier. Do carry a smartphone with you so you can participate. We will make more information about this treasure hunt available shortly.


WHAT: Ganesh Ravi and Abhishek Chintamani are two experienced photographers and naturalists working towards preserving culture and conserving nature. The goal of the workshop is to create awareness about local heritage and culture through photography.
WHERE: Around Hampi
WHEN: Friday, 22nd January 2016 and Saturday, 23rd January 2016
Contact Abhishek for more details.

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