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We got covered by the Bangalore Mirror recently.

“The temples and ruins of Hampi, the Nilgiri Mountain Railway in Ooty, the Chowbara or Bidar fort, the iconic City Palace, Jagdish Mandir, Lake Pichola and Lake Fatehsagar in Udaipur. These historic places with a UNESCO tag are now more than sightseeing spots thick with tourists who have DSLRs slung around their shoulders. They are now places where city runners are heading, to run along their scenic routes, while local folk cheer them on. Every kilometre of these historic trails provides fresh sights – monuments, rivers, boulders, green fields and a glimpse of village life. The best part? The Go Heritage Run doesn’t focus on timing or strength,letting you stop and smell the roses and taking you back between the first century and 14th.”  –  The Bangalore Mirror, October 2nd 2015.

Read the full article here. A version of this article was published in the Pune edition too – link.

Care to join us at one of our next runs? Run with us in Udaipur in October by signing up here or in Bidar in November by signing up here.



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