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GHR Udaipur 2015 T-shirt and Finishers Medal

At Go Heritage Runs, we like to weave in local arts, crafts, culture and heritage into the runner experience and what better way to do that than in your run t-shirts and finisher medals?

Our designer Harini Kannan created the artwork for the Udaipur T-shirt and chose to depict traditional Rajasthani motifs in royal colors and a Chattri – within a runner’s footprint.  We hesitate to use a bad pun but elements of Rajasthan’s cultural and historical soul can truly be seen within the runner’s sole! And we think that Rajasthani imprint will make for a great souvenir to carry back with you!

The Go Heritage Run finisher’s medal is a framed miniature painting designed by local artisans. Please note that the medal is entirely handmade – just the frame is made in 10 individual steps; the intricate painting is quite clearly incredible! It features a Marwari horse –  quite a common feature in  Rajput artwork primarily because rulers and their warriors took great pride in their horses. In fact, the different Rajasthani kingdoms had their own art schools and each had  their own unique style of horse painting.

Haven’t signed up yet for the Go Heritage Run – Udaipur edition? We’ve still got space so sign up here !

GHR Udaipur t-shirt GHR Udaipur Finisher Medal



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  • Dinesh Chandra Kharadi

    I am Participate to go heritage run for Udaipur. Please Sir contact me. My contact No. 9521957132.


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