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GHR Srirangapatna 2017 Finisher Medal

Srirangapatna 2017 finisher medal Source: mq.edu.au Srirangapatna 2017 finisher medal Source: mq.edu.au






The Go Heritage Run – Srirangapatna 2017 finisher medal is inspired by Tipu Sultan’s extensive use of the tiger motif as a personal emblem. This motif took many forms – sometimes it was the tiger stripe called “babri”, and other times it was the tiger head.

The calligraphic tiger motif shown above was Tipu Sultan’s monogram – the calligraphic merging of the two words Bismillah, and Muhammed. It was used on Tipu Sultan’s banner, on his arms and armaments and was based upon a style of Arabic calligraphy known as khatt mukabilor khatt ma-kus, meaning a line inverted or reverted. Look closely – and you’ll notice both tiger motifs incorporated into the Srirangapatna 2017 finisher medal – the calligraphic tiger head and more subtly, the tiger stripe motif.

Source: mq.ed.au

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