Spongebob Squarepants Ran in Bidar

Muthukrishnan Rajaram was one of the runners in the Go Heritage Run at Bidar. While everyone jogged, strolled and walked past the beautiful monuments, he carried a cute little companion with him who ever smilingly enjoyed the sights of Bidar. Here are pictures of his super cute companion, who posed without any inhibitions.

Bidar fort
Warming up for the run at the fort
Amidst grass
Spongebob in the wilderness (or fields?) of Bidar
Taking rest
A good sleep is essential the day before the run
In the brush
Spongebob smiles everywhere, no matter how tough the terrain!
Bahamani tombs
We also visited the Bahamani tombs
tomb of Humayun Zalim Shah
Outside the tomb of Humayun Zalim Shah – the cruel Bahamani Sultan who’s tomb was naturally destroyed by lightning.
You can still see Humayun’s Tomb from here
Karez exploration
Part of the Karez exploration
Karez cave
Spongebob went inside the Karez cave as well.
Ashtur tombs
At the Ashtur tombs

You can see the entire Spongebob picture gallery here. We would love to have him back at Hampi!

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