10 Things To Do In Hampi

A lot of people have been to Hampi – enroute Goa, it enjoys a significant number of visitors. However, we think that not everyone fully experience this World Heritage Site as much as it should be. Hampi is a unique destination since it offers both natural and cultural beauty. A day’s break here does not justice to it. So, we decided to make a list of things to do in Hampi.

1. Visit the lesser known ruins

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Yes, we really mean it. The Vittala Temple and the Virupaksha Temple is something everyone knows about. However, if you truly want to get lost in this 15th century town, then you need to go past what is easily accessible and walk right along the middle of the ruins. The experience really kicks ass.

2. Take a coracle ride

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A coracle is a round local boat and it is maneuvered in arcs. And if you request your boatman, he will take you in circles. It is a lot of fun and a great way to experience the Tungabadra river.

(Disclaimer – In recent times, we have heard that they stopped the coracle rides. However, you must check with your local boatman when you get there)


3. Indulge in some bouldering

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Hampi offers a lot of beautiful and photogenic boulders. No, we really mean it when we say photogenic boulders. And these are just minutes away from the main temples. So, for beginners try the simple ones and probably come back with a larger group for more complicated climbs.

4. Watch the sunset

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What is the point of all the rocks if you cannot see the colors of a sunset? Just climb whatever you can climb and watch the orange sunlight fall on the ruins and change the colors of the entire town. It is one of the easiest things to do in Hampi.


5. Ride a bicycle

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Hampi roads are made for bicycles! Just rent a bicycle (which is available at all corners of the town) and ride without stopping at least for an hour. Let the sights and sounds of the town blend into your ride.

6. See some waterfalls

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Yes, there are a few lesser known waterfalls in Hampi and these come out active during the monsoon season. The town turns green and little rivulets and waterfalls start flowing everywhere!

7. Go across the river to the hippie island

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Cross the river and go to the “Hippie Island” where you will find cheaper places to stay and way more peace. But, this is accessible only when it does not rain.

8. Relax near the Tungabadra river

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Just lie down alongside the river and look up at the sky. If needed, pick a slightly secluded spot to enjoy clear skies, slight breeze and the sight of water.

9. Go see the rural side of Hampi

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Hampi is not all about the ruins and it is a shame if you do not see any of the pristine sights of the village. Flanked by farms, trees and general greenery, the sights are worth a vacation all by themselves.

10. Go-Run! at Hampi

Go-Run! at Hampi

“There is no better way to experience a place than to run it. You get the experience the deep crevices of an area, the sense beyond the visual, something you would not do if you did not run” – Tawnya McNeil

And this is true for a place like Hampi which has so much variety to offer. So, run it at Hampi – it will do justice to this eclectic place.

Reproduced from GoUNESCO. Original article here.

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