The splendors of Udaipur – the lake city

You might have imagined Udaipur to be a hot, dry city by associating it with Rajasthan, the desert state.

Prepare to be surprised!

Udaipur lake palace
The most iconic, spectacular and famous view of Udaipur – the palace in the middle of the lake.
Udaipur from Sajjangarh fort
But that’s not all there is to Udaipur. Here’s a view of the city and the lake in the middle of the city.
A happy time at the Udaipur library
Happy children between a row of fountains in front of the Udaipur library. The library itself is in the the beautiful Gulab bagh gardens
View from Sajjangarh fort
The Aravali mountain range as viewed from Sajjangarh fort, Udaipur
Bagor haveli from Ambrai ghat
But the magic really is as dusk falls. Here’s a view of Bagor haveli from Ambrai ghat.
The Udaipur palace complex
Here’s a view of the main palace complex at dusk.
The Udaipur palace complex at night
And then at night!

Do these photos make you feel like going to Udaipur yet? We’ll give you one more reason – a Go Heritage Run in Udaipur on October 18! More details soon.

Do you have a photo from Udaipur? Do consider sharing it here – link. Do add your name and email so we can share credits.

3 thoughts on “The splendors of Udaipur – the lake city

  • Is the date 18 Oct finalized. Can I plan my trip with confidence? I plan to do the run and also site seeing with my family to Jaipur as well. Will fly to Ahmedabad and then to Udaipur and then to Jaipur after the run. Thanks

    • Yes, the date is confirmed and you can plan for it.

  • Siddharth Shankar

    When will the dates be finalized and Registration procedure start for the Go Heritage run at Udaipur for 2016 so that I can plan my travel.


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