Bugs Bunny goes to Ooty

Bugs bunny has a long way to go
Bugs bunny heads to Ooty for the Go Heritage Run
Bugs bunny has too many choices
But he gets confused with all the choices he finds in Ooty.
Bugs bunny at Lovedale station
But then realises he actually needs to head to Lovedale for the run!
Bugs bunny loves the lush green hills covered with tea
He sees lush green hills covered with tea on his way
Bugs bunny meets a stranger
Bugs bunny meets a stranger too
Bugs bunny encounters a giant pair of slippers
He also encounters giant footwear on the way
Bugs sees the Nilgiri Mountain Railway
Bugs sees the train on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway at Lovedale
Bugs bunny gets his Go Heritage Run kit
Bugs Bunny is as happy as getting a juicy carrot when he gets his Go Heritage Run kit
Bugs bunny gets a medal too!
Bugs bunny ran the Go Heritage Run and got a medal too!

Muthukrishnan Rajaram (the stranger above) was one of the runners in the Go Heritage Run – Ooty. While everyone jogged, strolled and walked past the beautiful monuments, he carried a little companion with him who enjoyed the sights of Ooty with him.

This photostory has been published, using his photos with his permission.

3 thoughts on “Bugs Bunny goes to Ooty

  • Shantheri

    Ah…Muthukrishnan, yes :) Good one!

  • He did a great journey at Ooty!! What’s the next…??

    • We will announce a run in september shortly, look forward to seeing you there!


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