Why Running Should be Your New Year Resolution

A new year is a new beginning, an opportunity for a fresh start. A chance to look back, evaluate and plan ahead. What better way to start than with a new year resolution? While most resolutions fall by the wayside before the first week is over, we think running is one resolution you can definitely keep this year. Here’s why –

It reminds us of our childhood

kid running in hampi

What was the first thing you learned after you started walking? Run, of course! And all through your childhood, this is probably what most of us remember best. Running with friends, after them and to the playground. Running has always meant to be free. The joy did not go away, only we stopped running. Go out for a run today – sprint, jog, shuffle along. It does not matter. Run free, and find the joy you experienced as a child.

It is the simplest, easiest and the cheapest form of exercise

Roads, no roads. Shoes, no shoes. Alone, with a group. Day, night.
You can run any time, anywhere, any how.

No matter what the Nikes and Reeboks would like you to believe, running is not complicated. As someone said, running is just putting one foot in front of the other, really fast. Did you say having feet was essential? It is not. Take inspiration from Major D.P Singh and understand that there are no limitations.

Make new friends

running friends

Runners are amicable people. They will greet a fellow runner even if they don’t know them (yes even in India). They will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with you, drink with you, party with you and travel with you too. They will help you with advice, feedback and more when you need it. They will help you set goals and then help you in achieving them. They will lead you by example, show you your potential and inspire you to do more. And they are fit people. Who wouldn’t want a bunch of friends like this?

Running is the new golf

The running community in India is still small and in an early adoption stage. But it is an influential community. Even if you are running for fun, it doesn’t hurt to make connections with good people. And if you are a networker or social climber, this is gold! Not only is running good for business, is is big business too.

Running will help you grow

Running will teach you goal setting and discipline – two qualities which will help you in other spheres of life too. Don’t just take our word, try an experiment this year – take a look at the India running calendar and pick two events you would like to participate in. Look through training plans here and pick one based on your current fitness level. Find a running club in your city and start running with them. Come back and tell us your experience.

A resolution you can fulfill

Many new year resolutions are forgotten and never fulfilled. Staying fit, is one of the most common. You just have to take a look inside any gym on the first days of a year and then in the second month to understand this. But running is different. You have enough motivation – city marathons, fun runs; enough support – running clubs, etc – to keep you going. Let this not be an year when you lament another unfulfilled resolution, and gain all the other benefits we listed above too.

So what are you waiting for? Start on this resolution on the first day of this year and start right away.

And if it interests you, make one of the runs we organize an intermediate goal :).

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