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Pench: Picture Puzzles

Pench Tiger Reserve or Pench National Park is one of the premier tiger reserves of India and the first one to straddle across two states – Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Ordinarily, the reference to Pench is mostly to the tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh(M.P).

Below are a set of Jigsaw Picture Puzzles of things Pench is known for. Solve them for a sneak peak into Pench Tiger Reserve’s wildlife, flora and fauna. Here are some tips:
– Scroll down to a puzzle of your choice and simply start rearranging the pieces.
– The timer will start as soon as you pick up a piece.
– On the bottom left corner, there are two options called ‘Image’ and ‘Ghost.
– Both these options will let you see a glimpse of the final result.
– Solve them as fast as possible, maybe challenge your friends and family.
– Above all, HAVE FUN!!

This river separates Pench National Park into two halves, east and west Pench.

The area of the Pench Tiger Reserve and the surrounding area is the real story area of Rudyard Kipling’s famous “The Jungle Book”.

Pench has also been called the ‘Land of Vultures’ in many published wildlife articles.

The Pench Tiger Reserve is also home to leopards; rearrange the pieces to see what this Leopard is upto.

Flame-backed Woodpecker is a woodpecker found widely distributed in the Indian subcontinent.

Leaving you with the best one as the last one, the mighty Bengal Tiger.

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