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Bhopal: Picture Puzzles

Bhopal is known as the ‘City of Lakes’ for it’s various natural and artificial lakes and it is also one of the greenest cities in India. Founded in 1707 by the Paramara king Raja Bhoj, the city was the capital of the former Bhopal State, a princely state of the British rule by the Nawabs of Bhopal. Many heritage structures are from this period include the Taj-Ul-Masajid, Sadar Manzil, Kamlapati Mahal etc. Bhopal has also been rated as the cleanest capital city for three consecutive years, 2017, 2018 & 2019 respectively.

Below are a set of Jigsaw Picture Puzzles of things that Bhopal is famous for. Solve them for a sneak peek into understanding Bhopal’s culture and heritage. Here are a few tips:

– Scroll down to a puzzle of your choice and simply start rearranging the pieces.
– The timer will start as soon as you pick up a piece.
– On the bottom left corner, there are two options called ‘Image’ and ‘Ghost.
– Both these options will let you see a glimpse of the final result.
– Solve them as fast as possible, maybe challenge your friends and family.
– Above all, HAVE FUN!!

The Sadar Manzil looks exceptional for its’ architecture and aesthetic beauty. Place the pieces and find out how this place once served as a Hall of Public Audience during the princely period.

This was the first Palace to be built in Bhopal in 1820 by Qudisiya Begum who was also the first Queen of Bhopal.

The Bharat Bhawan is an autonomous multi-arts complex which houses an art gallery, art workshops, an open-air amphitheatre, a museum of folk and tribal art and folk as well as classical music.

Islamnagar is a historical destination famous due to its rich legacy of being the capital city of the princely state of Bhopal for a short duration.

A huge statue of the Great Raja Bhoj standing with a sword installed on a pillar on one corner of the Upper Lake to cement the name of Bhopal as the City of Lakes’.

The Kamlapati Mahal is an example of contemporary secular architecture. According to history, Queen Kamlapati had committed suicide by jumping off the fort wall to her death.

Complete this puzzle to find out the Taj-Ul-Masajid which means ‘Crown among Mosques’ to be one of the largest Mosques in India and the second largest in Asia.

The Shaurya Smarak is a war memorial and museum inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi in 2016 which showcases the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.

Piece the puzzle together to find the majestic beauty of this wild animal in the Van Vihar National Park. A small hint, this animal is our National Animal.

The Golghar Museum has 18 doors and steps to go upstairs. This Museum is circular in shape and many precious artifacts depicting Bhopal’s history and culture is preserved here.

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