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Mandu 2019 Run T-shirt

Mandu 2019 run t-shirt

The Go Heritage Run Mandu 2019 run t-shirt is more than just a technical tee – it’s a heavily illustrated work of art you can wear!

Located in the Vindhya range, Mandu is a fortress-town that rose to prominence due to its strategic location overlooking the Malwa plateau. Many dynasties controlled Mandu since the 10th century and as it grew in prosperity and power, its rulers built many palaces, forts, monuments and tombs in the region.

The illustrations on the Mandu 2019 run t-shirt were inspired by the legends and monuments of Mandu – the first panel depicts the tragic love story of the last Sultan of Malwa Baz Bahadur and his Hindu queen Roopmati.  Other panels depict other monuments in Mandu – the Roopmati Pavilion, the Hindola Mahal and Jami Masjid.

Illustrated prowling among the panels paying tribute to rulers from a hundred years ago, are the original pre-historic rulers of this region – the Rajasaurus narmadensis. These were predatory dinosaurs who roamed the Narmada River Valley that spread across Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

You’re not likely to encounter any Rajasaurus dinosaurs when you run at Go Heritage Run – Mandu this month – but you will see some very life-like recreations at the Fossil Park situated just outside Mandu town’s borders.

Mandu 2019 run t-shirt

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