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How to reach Chanderi

The historic town of Chanderi is blessed with connectivity to reach here in terms of its location. Read on to know more.



The nearest airport to reach Chanderi is to reach either Bhopal (230km), Gwalior (240km) or Khajuraho (230km). All these airports are well connected to many of the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc. From the airport, once would need to hire a taxi/ a local bus to the hotel. 



In order to travel by buses to reach Chanderi, Jhansi is the nearest point at which one can find buses to travel, or one can hire a taxi to reach their desired destination in Chanderi. 



The nearest railway stations to Chanderi are Lalitpur (36km),  Ashok Nagar(63 km), Mungaoli (38 km) & Jhansi (124km), which connects to Chanderi with the rest of country though the Indian Railway Network. Chanderi can be reached from these places through taxis and buses. 


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