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Historic places and nearby sights to see around Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi, popularly known as ‘Satpura ki Rani’ (Queen of Satpura), has various historic places to see in and around this town which includes:

1. Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve

The Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve is a non-use conservation area and biosphere reserve in the Satpura Range of Madhya Pradesh. The conservation area was created in 1999 by the Indian Government. UNESCO designated it a biosphere reserve in 2009. The Biosphere contains animals from the Himalayan peaks like tiger, leopard, wild boar, Indian wolf, bison and is home to forests dominated by Teak, sal, jamun, silver fern etc. The Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve is located within areas of Hoshangabad, Betul, and Chhindwara Districts in Madhya Pradesh state in India. The highest peak is the Dhoopgarh which showcases the magnificent view of the Satpura Range.

Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve
Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve, Photo Courtesy: Picture Credits: Twinkle Bhaisare.

2. Jaistambh Chowk

A red stone monument commemorating India’s Independence set the centre of the city. It is also known as the ‘zero point ‘ or ‘seven cross’ as at this point it leads to seven different roads. August 15 1947 is written on this red stone pole to celebrate the Indian Independence.

3. Pandava Garden

The Pandava Garden is located in front of the Pandava Caves which has a stunning view seen from the highest point of the Pandava Cave. The garden consists of lovely ornamental shrubs, herbs, medicinal plants and shadow cover given by the trees which makes it a wonderful relaxing spot.

Pandava Garden
Pandava Garden, Photo Courtesy:

4. Begum Palace

The ruins of this secluded two storied mysterious Palace is now like a half constructed structure. The Begum (Queen) of Narsingharh used to live in this Palace long ago and as she had no one to cater to, she transferred all her wealth to her Senapati. Due to some circumstances, he could not manage the Palace well. Locals had heard of a hidden treasure in the Palace and so decided to look for it which was all in vain. Some locals believe the Palace is currently haunted.

Begum Palace
Begum Palace, Photo Courtesy:


A few other places one can visit which is within 2-4 hours drive away from Pachmarhi:

1. Tawa Madhai

Tawa: The Tawa Dam and reservoir sits atop the longest tributary of the Narmada River which provides a picturesque beauty set admist lush greenery of the Satpura Tiger Reserve. One can take the lake cruise on a serene hour-long ride along the little islands dotting the reservoir. Sunsets viewed from the dam are especially enchanting. Jungle Safaris too can be done at the Satpura Tiger Reserve.

Tawa Churna Cruise and Safari
Tawa Churna Cruise and Safari, Photo Courtesy:



Madhai: Madhai is located at the entrance of the Satpura Reserve Forest. Madhai delights one with its rich wildlife, sprawling meadows, unending backwaters and spellbinding views that will surely leave one wanting for more.

Landscape of Madhai
Landscape of Madhai, Photo Courtesy:


2. Tamia

The untouched and unexplored Tamia is one of the hidden treasures of Madhya Pradesh that offers scenic and breathtaking views of forests and mountains. The hills of Tamia has beautiful sceneries of sunrise and sunsets. Tamia has many old and well-maintained houses from the British Era which are some of the best viewing points overlooking the valleys and mountains. Looking down from the top of the valley at Patalkot, the place takes the shape of a horse shoe. Tamia does not have any form of commercialization and so remains as a perfect  getaway to unwind and relax in absolute tranquillity.

Patalkot, Photo Courtesy:


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