Green Lantern Explores Hampi

Tip – read the captions.

Green Lantern zooms into Hampi
Green Lantern zooms into Hampi
Green lantern Hampi ruins
And lands at one of the numerous ruins
Green Lantern Virupaksha temple
He quickly makes his way to the famous Virupaksha temple
green lantern vantage point
And finds a vantage point to get a birds eye view of the temple, and to use his superpowers
Green lantern hampi river
Ah, there’s a river here? Nice! And monuments next to it too. Let’s find a good spot.
green lantern hampi river monuments
Found it!
green lantern hampi rocks
These rocks look great next to the river. Note to self – must climb a few.
green lantern hampi arch
He zooms ahead on his exploration of the ruins of the Vijayanagar empire.
green lantern hampi rock carvings
Discovers some amazing rock carvings.
green lantern hampi narasimha
And encounters a massive Narasimha too.
Green lantern retire night
But with the dusk approaching, Green Lantern has to look for a place to retire for the night. He realizes there is so much to Hampi that a one day trip is not enough.

All photos by Muthukrishnan Rajaram. See his other photo essay where Spongebob Squarepants ran at Go Heritage Run Bidar.

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