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GHR Warangal 2016 Medal – A Cheriyal Painting!

Our GHR Warangal Medal is actually a Cheriyal painting!

Mr Vykuntam with the medal and other Cheriyal paintings
Mr. Vykuntam – Cheriyal artist

So you don’t just get the satisfaction of running at a heritage site, but also take home a heritage souvenir and the satisfaction of having helped an art that needs support. You might have read in the detailed article we wrote earlier about how Cheriyal paintings are kept alive by just one family today. Our medals are just a sample of the art, but we hope that these will bring more awareness of the art and maybe encourage patrons to buy works from the artists too.

The medals have been made by Mr. D. Vykuntam, a national award winning artist and the sole purveyor of this art today.

We have repurposed some of these medals into fridge magnets you can purchase, check here – Cheriyal fridge magnets.

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