Destination Ooty: pictures that will tempt you to travel

If you love hill stations, you have probably been to Ooty. For those who haven’t, Ooty is a popular hill station located in the Nilgiri Hills. We bring to you a few breathtaking pictures of this beautiful landscape that will make book your travels which you sing – “So I’m packing my bags for the Misty Mountains; where the spirits go now, over the hills where the spirits fly, ooh.”


1. Ooty will welcome you with a lush green carpet of tea

 Picture Courtesy Satheeshkumar K

ooTea, rather. Picture Courtesy Satheeshkumar K


2. It will charm you with its beautiful rain clouds

Rain, Rain, come again to Ooty. Picture Courtesy: Sandeep Somasekharan

3. You will want to visit the Ooty market for knick-knacks

Visit the Ooty Market while you are there.
Visit the Ooty Market while you are there. Picture Courtesy: Hug Cirici


4. Start with something quirky – like a Tissue Paper factory?

Visit a paper factory
Visit a paper factory, Picture Courtesy: Chris Bentley

5. Next, go to the Rose Garden in Ooty

Roses are red, white, pink...
Roses are red, white, pink… Picture Courtesy: Mo Shine


6. A visit to Ooty is incomplete without a ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Take a ride in the train.
The Nilgiri Mountain Railway keeps chugging despite the downpour. Picture Courtesy: Ignazio Carpitella


7. If the train ride is not enough, try the boat ride in the Ooty lake

The mesmerizing Ooty Lake
The mesmerizing Ooty Lake, Picture Courtesy: Nadir Hashmi

8. Live in a Toda Hut

This is no ordinary hut. Picture
This is no ordinary hut. Picture Courtesy: Rajiv K

 9. Go bird watching.

ooty Birds Go Heritage
Posing for the camera. Picture Courtesy: T. A Joseph

10. Umm…what more? You can Run.. though not on the railway track

Go for a run... not on the railway track though.
Go for a run. Picture Courtesy: Abhinay Omkar


11. Or just hang out with friends and family

Hang out in Ooty with your bros
Hang out in Ooty with your bros


12. Also, try hanging out with Ooty chocolates. They are very sweet.

Pic Courtesy: Eve
Eat the famous Ooty chocolates. Pic Courtesy: Eve


13. Remember when Led Zeppelin sang ‘The Misty ….?

Picture Courtesy: Ashwin Kumar
Sitting. Waiting. Watching. Time stops in Ooty. Picture Courtesy: Ashwin Kumar


14. And this is just to tempt you more…

The Blushing Ooty Sky
The Blushing Ooty Sky, Picture Courtesy: Sujit


15. And while you are here..

yes, 'wastages' or not, please do not litter.
yes, ‘wastages’ or not, please do not litter. Picture Courtesy: Kirstin

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