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GHR Hampi 2017 Run T-shirt

For Go Heritage Run – Hampi we decided to truly make heritage fun by comic-ifying Hampi’s landmarks, using primary colors with the style of comic book imagery from the ’50s. We were specifically inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s tongue-in-cheek artwork and use of Ben-Day dots. Representing Hampi’s hundred-year old and thousand-year old landmarks using a relatively recent artform, we think, is a unique lens through which to appreciate Hampi’s architectural wonders.

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Hampi: Love and Fiction

Hampi, with its breath-taking scenery and extravagant architecture, has always inspired travelers and historians. But it has also been the muse for many authors and literary laureates. While many of these writers have written about Hampi’s architectural marvels, its history and the scope of travel, there have been few that have inspired fiction as well.

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