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GHR Badami 2015 – Run T-shirt

Right from our first run in Bidar in November 2014, our run t-shirts have meant more than just an item of clothing. The technical t-shirts are quick-dry which means you can wear them comfortably for your runs of any distance. But that is not all – the t-shirts have always conveyed the essence of the destination where you ran. The Bidar t-shirt shows a creative representation of the iconic Bahmani fort there, in Hampi the t-shirt design incorporated elements from the temples, especially in the Hazara Rama Temple complex. The Ooty t-shirt carried icons of all things reminiscent of Ooty – its pine trees, the glorious mountains, its moody clouds, tea leaves, and the Kurinji flower.

For our run t-shirt at Go Heritage Run – Badami too, we follow the same design philosophy. Our designer Harini Kannan has created this beautiful, minimal design incorporating elements from the Badami region into a symbol every runner will recognize easily – a shoe! Look closely and you will find these individual elements stand out quite clearly. The most apparent feature in the design is of course the rocky landscape of Badami. The shoe lace eyelets are represented by a stitch design used in Kasuti Embroidery. The history of Kasuti dates back to the Chalukya period and is also Geographical Indications (GI) protected. The women courtiers in the Mysore Kingdom in the 17th century were expected to be adept in 64 arts, with Kasuti being one of them. Read more about Kasuti here – link.

GHR Badami T-shirt
GHR Badami T-shirt

That is not all though. Here is a challenge for you – find the runner in this design! Comment below and let us know.

Now you can buy Badami souvenir tshirts on our store – link.

One thought on “GHR Badami 2015 – Run T-shirt

  • Kevin

    The runner is at the extreme left? Leg is evident


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