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Go Heritage Run Ooty T-shirt (2015)

The city of Ooty has been a romantic idyll for many. Its smoky mountain trail, the fresh morning air, eucalyptus trees, tea estates, flora and fauna and all its riveting beauty has been an artistic inspiration for several poets, photographers, and travelers.  And this is exactly what our artist at Go Heritage Run, Sandhya Madduri, wanted to capture on a Go Heritage Runs T-shirt.

Your very own Go Heritage Run T-shirt
Your very own Go Heritage Run T-shirt

The artwork carries icons of all things reminiscent of Ooty. For instance, the various plantations which are spread across the length and breath of Ooty, its pine trees, the glorious mountains, its moody clouds, tea leaves, and the kurinji flower – all symbolize Ooty – are represented in the form of motifs on the T-shirt.

Close your eyes and imagine first things that come to mind when you think of Ooty? It’s the colors green, blue and brown – that make up the color scheme of the T-shirt. They depict the greens, the skies and the hills respectively. Madduri says that she didn’t want the artwork to be abstract. And rightly so. Given its natural beauty in ample, there wasn’t a need for an arbit design at all.

So all you runners and nature lovers, Go get your Green on and sign up for the Go Heritage Runs – Ooty edition by clicking here!


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