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GHR Badami 2016 Finisher Medal

Like the run T-shirt, the Go Heritage Run Badami finisher medal is inspired by Badami’s 6th century temple architecture and its red sandstone cliffs. The medal, etched in red acrylic, is a representation of the front view of the Badami cave temple complex as seen from the run start point – the verandah of Cave 1, its pillars, and the overall silhoutte of the soft sandstone rock formation. Also etched on the medal is the Badami logo – inspired by Badami’s cliffs which attract climbers, rappellers and slackliners from across the country.

Badami Finisher Medal



All participants at the 5K, 10K and 21K runs in Badami on Run Weekend will get one of these lovely souvenirs – we hope this will tempt you to explore Badami’s heritage with us this Sunday!

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