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GHR Badami 2016 Run T-shirt

Badami has temples, rocks, and temples cut into rock – and the Badami 2016 Run T-shirt is inspired by all of the above.

The Badami logo – emblazoned on the front of the T-shirt – is inspired by the sandstone cliffs of the region, that attract climbers, rappellers and slackliners from across the country. Badami is especially synonymous with its 6th century rock-cut temples – what is especially unique about the site is that Buddhist, Jain and Hindu temples exist in different levels within the complex. The Badami 2016 Run T-shirt is a representation of this multi-level cave temple complex – it’s visible from the run route but do not miss a chance to visit it when you’re in Badami on Run Weekend.

Go Heritage Run Badami T-shirt

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