Warangal: A Picturesque Extravaganza

Warangal was the capital of Kakatiya dynasty from the 12th to the 14th centuries. The Kakatiyas left behind several heritage marvels, including an impressive fortress, four massive stone gateways, the Swayambhu temple dedicated to Shiva, and the Ramappa temple. Get a glimpse of the beautiful heritage site and plan a visit this March.

Dileep Eduri Warangal Highway
The beautiful road to Warangal. Picture Courtesy: Dileep Eduri
Take the cycle by the forest. Near Warangal Fort.
Venkataramesh Konumoju
Lake area as seen along the Suspension bridge near Warangal
Aditya Mopur Warangal Landscape
Enjoy the Warangal landscape. Capture the beauty in your eyes
Warangal Fort Venu Flicr
The Warangal Fort – A perspective
Kishore Nagarigari Warangal Fort
A view from inside the fort.
Rajesh Pamnani Ramappa Temple Warangal
Beautiful Ramappa Temple at the heritage city Warangal
Kota Gullu & Ramappa Temple Kishore Nagarigari
Another view of the Ramappa temple at Warangal
Venkataramesh Kommoju Raamappa Architecture
Surreal Ramappa Architecture Picture Courtesy: Venkataramesh Kommoju
Fort view
A view from inside the fort.
1000 Pillars venu Warangal
What a lovely view of the pillars at Warangal


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