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Udaipur is located in the south of Rajasthan and closer to Gujarat than Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. It is a popular tourist destination, and is well connected to major cities by road, rail and air. Here is a list of travel and accommodation options for you when you visit for the Go Heritage Run – Udaipur.


Tip – In case you are planning to fly down, consider flying to Ahmedabad and driving or taking a bus to Udaipur. The fare difference is considerable and the Udaipur airport is an hour away from the city so you might not save a lot of time anyway.


Just 257km away, Ahmedabad is the closest major city to Udaipur. It is very well connected by road with multiple private buses plying regularly which take about 5hrs to reach. There are two daily trains but you best avoid them unless you have no other choice – the train is slow and also not very well maintained. Ahmedabad is close enough for a quick drive too.

Trains from Ahmedabad – link.

Buses from Ahmedabad – link.


Delhi is well connected to Udaipur with plenty of buses and two daily trains directly to Udaipur. It is a bit far to drive down, but may be a fun adventure for those who love driving. For those who want to save time, Udaipur is well connected by air too.

Trains from Delhi – link.

Buses from Delhi – link.


From Mumbai, the best way to get to Udaipur is to travel via Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is extremely well connected to Mumbai. There also are 3 non-stop flights directly to Udaipur.

Trains to Ahmedabad – link.

Buses to Ahmedabad – link.

Rest of India

Ahmedabad or Delhi will most likely be the best via points for travelling from any other region in India. Please have a look at the options above for travel information from these cities.


Our partners HRH Group of Hotels is offering 20% discount in all their hotel properties. These are some of the best hotels in the country and have been converted from palaces, so you can expect excellent service and ambience too. Discount code to avail the discount will be sent only to confirmed run participants.

Special concessional ticket to the museum at Rs 100/- (valid from 10th through 25th of October 2015) will also be provided to runners on producing a participants ticket.

There are many other options suiting every budget, including backpacker hostels (Zostel) and a quick look at any OTA website will help you find the most suitable accommodation for you.

Tip – Please note that the names of most hotels in Udaipur end with ‘Palace’ beware of them and make sure to research carefully before confirming your bookings.

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