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Shilparamam: A Raw Bite of Indian Culture

This article was originally published on Nazariya, and repurposed for Go Heritage Run.

Shilparamam is a village space that provides a true taste of cultural heritage in India. Events with ethnographic significance take place throughout the year in this vast stretch of land.

Shilparamam was founded in 1992, and is located a fe kilometres from Hyderabad.

It covers a span of around 65 acres in the hi tech metropolis that Hyderabad is. The government has supported the creation of this space in order to promote and preserve the Indian arts and crafts.

Shilparamam is a space that provides tourists with a glimpse of rural India and its crafts.
Image Courtesy: Hyderabad Tourism

The Chief Minister of Telangana has established a committee along with 8 other members from the governing council. This committee looks at the handling of afiiars taking place at Shilparamam.

The Rural Museum

The Rural Museum is nestled among deep foliage, and is representative of the typical Indian village. Fifteen huts constructed from baked clay and thatch dot the museum, and it is meant to provide an outlook to rural life.

Simulating life in the village, the Rural Musem consists mainly of clay huts with thatched roofs.
Image Courtesy: Shilparamam

Life sized models and Sculptures share an almost real experience to viewers.

Rock Museum

This museum was fashioned around the structure of the Shantiniketan Subroto Basu Rock Garden. A distinct delineated rock assembly is found here. The formations of minerals remain unswayed in a scenic form in the garden.

The Rock garden is a space curated for zen feelings. It is modelled around the Santiniketan Subroto Bose Garden.
Image Courtesy: Shilparamam

This sort of a space to house mineral culture adds an almost mystical and more ecological touch to Shilparamam.

Indian Crafts Mela

The Indian Crafts mela is carried out at the village for 15 days from January to December. Six hundred stalls are set up to display handlooms and handicrafts from various parts of India.

Mangalgiri, Gadwal, Patola Benares and handicrafts like Terra cotton, blue pottery, white metal, Madhubani and Tanjore paintings are some of the techniques showcased at the mela.

The performing arts are also well represented at the mela. Classical performances of Bharat Natyam and Kuchipudi are carried out by several professionals in the evenings. Gargalu, Kolatam and Koya doralu are some of the performances that take place.

The Indian Crafts Mela houses a plethora of handlooms, handicrafts and cultural performances.
Image Courtesy: Shilparamam

Medicinal values are also displayed in Shilparamam, with several herbal mixtures and essences being sold there as well. Confabulation too, is quite common, but it is a part of the atmosphere that the are provides.

Shilparamam is a unique space that has not only a vast dimensional span. It houses an array of cultural assets that Hyderabad has to offer, and also gives visitors a glance into the more mystical side of Indian culture.

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