Running Movies

Here’s a few running movies we love! Do you have any favourite movies about running? Let us know in the comments.

Run Fatboy Run

Let’s start with a fun movie first. A man wants to win back his ex and gets into something without realising the magnitude of it! It’s a hilarious comedy where Simon Pegg does everything a marathon runner shouldn’t – signs up for the wrong reasons, registers late, does not train properly and so on. But it’s a great watch if you want to get together with your runner friends and laugh off the seriousness of training. Runners will appreciate all the run related references through the movie.

Forrest Gump

Perhaps we should all run for the reason Forrest Gump did in this movie – because he felt like it! No stress of achieving a personal best timing, or finishing a marathon, but just run – and enjoy it. Based on a novel, of the same name, this movie was a blockbuster and there is very little chance you haven’t already watched it. But it’s a great movie to watch again and again.

Saint Ralph

A troubled school kid wants not just to run but win at the mecca of all marathons – the Boston Marathon! Will this be the miracle he needs to get the bigger miracle he needs?

Chariots of Fire

The classic running film, an incredible soundtrack and unlike the previous three, a fact based movie about two amazing athletes competing in the 1924 Olympics. The motivation to run is different for everyone, but running is a great outlet too. Watch this movie to see what these motivations were another era.

Without Limits

This movie is about Steven Prefontaine – the Olympian and middle/long distance runner who inspired the first ‘running boom’ in the USA in 1980’s. He died at the young age of 24 in an accident, but in this short life he achieved immense greatness – he once held the American record in seven different track events! He also trained under the legendary coach Bill Bowerman who co-founded the iconic running/sports brand Nike.

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