Ooty Heritage Walk – by the Make Ooty Beautiful Project

Breeks Memorial School
Breeks Memorial School Source: breeksaisschool.edu.in/

If you’re looking for something fun to do after you pick up your run kit at the Lawrence School on Saturday, here’s a suggestion.  The Make Ooty Beautiful project will be conducting a Heritage Walk on Saturday afternoon. Listed below are the details in the words of Anita, Ooty’s resident heritage expert, who will be leading the walk.

In the 19th century , the British toiled up through dense malarial jungle to Ooty, 7400ft above sea level…”like passing through the Valley of Death to Paradise”, to find to their delight, “such lovely English rain, such delicious English mud”. Join The Make Ooty Beautiful Project on an hour’s amble through a slice of history, from St Stephens Church, 1829, to the Breeks Memorial School, 1886.

Date : Saturday, May 30th, 2015
Place: St Stephens Church
Time: 4:30pm
Fee:  Rs 300/person
Amble with: Anita.

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