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Nearby sights to see around Omkareshwar

Omkareshwar, one of the most inspiring and sacred places of pilgrimage draws thousands of devotees each year. This temple town also has many attractions around it like waterfalls, Nature, wildlife, dams etc a few of which are mentioned below:


Maheshwar is another town located 65 km away from Omkareshwar situated on the Narmada River appeals to the tours and pilgrim in the person. This town possesses a treasure Tove of beautiful temples that calms the soul and pleases the eye. Maheshwar is also famous for its’ Maheswari sarees, as it is a centre of handloom weaving since the 5th century. A trip to Maheshwar is sure to keep you interested to pick up one of these beautiful sarees. 

Maheshwari Saree
Maheshwari Saree, Photo Courtesy:



Tincha Falls, located in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh takes nearly 2 hours to reach there from Omkareshwar. This place can also be accessed from Maheshwar as well in approximately the same duration. Tincha falls are located near the Tincha village where it derives its name. The Falls looks like a beautiful cascade with the water falling from a height of about 300 feet. This waterfall also has a pond nearby, which further enhances the beauty of this place. During the monsoon season, the waterfall comes alive and from a distance, it looks like a stream of milk rushing down the mountainside. 

Tincha Falls
Tincha Falls, Photo Courtesy:



One of the unexplored and hidden gems within many hills and forest area is the Chidiya Bhadak Waterfall which takes nearly an hour to reach from Omkareshwar. To reach this Waterfall, one would need to trek for 1.5-2 kilometres through beautiful environs occupied by a great number of flora and fauna. During the trek, one will also be able to see various rare bird species before reaching the waterfall. On reaching the Waterfall, there is a pool at Chidiya Bhadak which is not deep and one can take a dip in the crystal clear cool water. The gurgling sound of the falls surrounded by lush greenery creates a beautiful image worth capturing through your camera and memories.


Chidiya Bhadak Waterfall
Chidiya Bhadak Waterfall, Photo Courtesy:



Patalpani waterfall takes 2-2.5 hours to reach from Omkareshwar. It is surrounded by dense forest and the water falls from a height of 300 feet producing roaring streams of white water when it flows in its’ full capacity. This waterfall is a must visit during the monsoons to that one can witness it in its’ plunging glory. Legend has it that the pit underneath the waterfall goes deep down into the underworld, hence the falls derive its name from the same myth with ‘Patal’ translating to underworld and ‘Pani’ as water. This waterfall is located close to Tincha Falls, Bamniya Kund, Mehndi Kund waterfall and Choral Dam which can also be seen when visiting this waterfall.

Patalpani Waterfall
Patalpani Waterfall, Photo Courtesy:



Kajligarh Fort is an old fort located 60 kms from Omkareshwar. This mysterious fort lies in the Simrol village among the beautiful flora and fauna. The abandoned fort holds the history of Holkar Dynasty in its walls. The fort also has a Shiva temple of great historical importance and being located admist nature makes the fort look breathtakingly beautiful. A visit to this historical ruins inside the fort can make one surely feel the glory of the great dynasties that ruled Indore and the surrounding areas. 

Kajligarh Fort
Kajligarh Fort, Photo Courtesy:



A trip to Hanuwantiya located 75 kms away from Omkareshwar and staying in the houseboat will surely leave you rejuvinated. Hanuwantiya is situated at the bank of  Asia’s second largest reservoir, the Indira Sagar Lake. Overlooking the lake is the Indira Sagar Dam which is a multipurpose project that provides irrigation to the Khandwa and Khargone districts of Madhya Pradesh. Hanuwantiya hosts India’s only and largest water carnival ‘ Jal Mahotsav’ every year which is a huge event for adventure lovers. One can also stay at the MPT Hanuwantiya Resort, which are houseboats and can go boating, enjoy the water adventure sports and a visit to the Indira Sagar Dam too. 

Link: MPT Hanuwantiya Resort 

House Boat- Hanuwantiya
House Boat- Hanuwantiya, Photo Courtesy:


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