Minions Rock Badami

Muthukrishnan Rajaram is one of our regular runners and has joined us at our runs in Bidar and Ooty earlier. We love having him at our runs as much as his tiny travel companions! After Spongebob Squarepants in Bidar, Green Lantern in Hampi and Bugs Bunny in Ooty, it was the turn of the super cute Minions to travel and rock Badami!

This photostory has been published, with Muthu’s permission.

Gang, we need a plan. Where are we going to find bananas in this rocky place? Let’s split and look!


That’s a steep climb, what’s up there?
Looked in the rocky cliffs, nothing here.
Man, this climb is never ending. Oh wait, what’s there?
Yay, water!
Dude, we’re supposed to be looking for Banana!
I’m looking, i’m looking! See, I can see farther from here.
Oooh there cave temple here.
And they got the regular ones too.
I came all the way to Pattadakal and still no Banana.
That does look like a Banana. The rocks do spring surprises sometimes.
When did this happen? Boss man ran another half marathon? We leave him for one day and look what he does!

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