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Khajuraho 2019 Run T-shirt

Khajuraho 2019 run T-shirt

The Go Heritage Run Khajuraho 2019 run t-shirt is more than just a technical tee – it’s a heavily illustrated work of art you can wear! The designs are inspired by Gond paintings – a form of tribal and folk art practised by the Gond people who are found predominantly in Madhya Pradesh.

The panels on the T-shirt represent different aspects of this 1000 year old heritage town. The oldest temple in Khajuraho, the Chausath Yogini temple, is the most prominent element. While there are many Chausath Yogini temples across the country, Khajuraho’s temple is unique for having a rectangular plan while the others have circular plans.  Also represented are Khajur trees – after which, per legend, the town of Khajuraho was named,  yoginis in traditional yoga poses, abstract representations of erotic love that Khajuraho’s temple sculptures are renowned for. And amidst all these elements, are the heritage runners of Khajuraho drawn in the style of Gond art.

Get yours when you sign up to run at Go Heritage Run – Khajuraho on February 24th 2019.


Khajuraho 2019 run t-shirt

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