JSW Supports Go Heritage Run Hampi

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We are glad to announce support from Jindal Steel Works (JSW), Vijayanagar for the Go Heritage Run Hampi!

JSW is one of the biggest industries in the Bellary district which the Hampi world heritage site area is part of. In addition to being the bedrock of the local economy, JSW has been an active supporter of social initiatives through its CSR arm – the JSW Foundation. Mrs. Sangita Jindal, the Chairperson of the JSW Foundation is herself a keen patron of the arts and has been instrumental in launching several initiatives to promote arts, culture and heritage. The foundations key contributions to Hampi have been the efforts in conservation of the Krishna and Chandramouleshwar Temples in Hampi. The efforts at Chandramouleshwar temple complex have earned the Foundation Conservation Award from UNESCO too. One notable tribute to Hampi is the museum set up inside Kaladham Art Village at the Vijayanagar complex, home to several rare photographs of Hampi and an incredible 3D installation called Place Hampi.

Go Heritage Run is proud to be associated JSW and thanks them for supporting our run in Hampi!

PIcture of the Kaladham art complex at JSW Vijayanagar

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